Aeyons In Solitude - White Witch
Bend For Eleven - Evelyn
Bish Bash - Do What Daddy Says

Black Sun Omega - Fight Back
Cranberry Merchants - Disturbing The Peace

Desert Near The End - Of Fire And Stars
Disillusive Play - Her Lonely Mind
Don Canyon - Don't Lie
Don Canyon - Dynasty
Dreamlord - Blinded Eyes
Freudz Couch - Black Car

Grande Fox - Sealed Curse
Hand Of Fate - Temptation
HSB - The Long Winters' Embrace

Indie Butterflies Dream - Justice For Kurt
Indie Butterflies Dream - Another Day
Indie Butterflies Dream - Seven
Indie Butterflies Dream - Piece Of Mind
Julians' Lullaby - Starbringer
Mardi Gras - From Zero to One
O.Y.D. - Nanohopes
Panos Stergiou - Royal Road
Project Renegade - Liber8

Project Renegade - The New Joker
Psyanide - Premonition
Rebirth - Darkness.
Redeye Caravan - El Muerto
Rejection - Eyes Of Glass
Silent Winter - Nightfall
Social Scream - Truth Divided
Terra 1NC0GNITO - Stranger
The Minority - Official Channel
Winters Verge - I accept
Vesicarum - Reign Of Terror