1m wide x 1m high. This work is in cotton. It is hung by wooden rods through channels at the top and bottom. Sewn. Weight approx. 2Kg.

Ouroboros is an ancient greek character symbolising infinity. It is normally portrayed as a circular snake eating its tail. In this work, if you follow the coloured line (it changes colour on the way) from any point, you will return to the same point, thereby fulfilling the requirement for the name. However, I have added another, and darker dimension. From a short distance it is easily seen that the yellow figure forms a swastika. Although this ancient symbol (the oldest documented use of the symbol is in a 6,000 year old cave painting) originally represents happiness, it is today and forever more connected to Nazi philosophy. It is rotated by 45°. By this I symbolise that Nazism is here to stay, and probably has been for longer than we care to imagine.

The price is set at 4,000 Dkk + shipping. More detailed photos are available if required. If you wish to buy, contact me at the email address below to negotiate details of your purchase.


The price is set at 5,000 Dkk + shipping. More detailed photos are available

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