Origin of Species
1.3m wide x 1.3m high. This work is in cotton  It is hung by wooden rods through channels at the top and bottom. Sewn . Weight ca. 3Kg.

This is a very symbolic work. In Charles Darwins' book of the same name, he delved into the development of species on Earth through time. I take that and go one step further, to describe the development of life in the universe by graphic means. The machine at the centre of the work consists of 13 cog wheels. 12 of these are meshed. Although they seem to not have physical contact with each other, they are in fact coupled by quantum coupling. Only one of the cogs is not meshed. This cog represents a random element in the "cosmic machine". That element causes life to occour wherever the conditions are right. This cog is coupled to the outer ring. Once the machine of life is created, it follows its own rules . With this work I show that although the cosmic machine can exist without life, life cannot exist without the cosmic machine, and specifically the random element in that machine.

The price is set at 10,000 Dkk + shipping. More detailed photos are available if required. If you wish to buy, contact me at the email address below to negotiate details of your purchase.

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