12-02-2020 New Band on the station is "The Gray Merchant" from Cork, Ireland. They play electric folk rock. They are releasing a new album "The Claude Glass" on 29 Feb. I expect to hear more after the release.

07-02-2020 New band on the station is "Project Renegade" from Greece. A great band with a fantastic lead singer, Marianne. We play their first full-length album titled “Order of the Minus”, released on October 31st, 2019

03-02-2020 New band on the station is "HFDT" from France. Generally speaking, their music is too light weight for Radio Marlab, but I have selected one of their tracks, "For The Love" for inclusion in the playlist as it is a bit catchy and I want to support them.

31.01.2020 First non-english language band on the station is from Russia. Hugo Rey sent a catchy number . Although I don't understand a word, he has a good voice and the music moves along. I could certainly play more of this style of his music in the future.

29.01.2020 New band on the station is "The Delirium Trees" from Aberdeenshire in Scotland. They play alternative rock with a classical twist.

17.01.2020 New Band on the station is Get Back, from Slovenia. They play country rock. Only one track "I was born on the road". I hope we hear more from them in the future.

10.01.2020 Indie Butterflies Dream (Israel) has just released a new track. "Freedom" is now available on all major digital platforms. We play it here on Radio Marlab.