Jagten" is complete. The frame is my own design and fabrication in 3mm plexiglass. It is held together by wedges, so it can be "knocked flat" for safe and easy transport. The frame has feet in the shape of wolf heads and the top picture is held in place by wedges shaped as dragon heads. The pictures are of five creatures in celtic style, cut in layers of paper with green tones. The motifs are Hound, Wild Boar, Fox, Bear, and on top The Eagle. All of these are associated with hunting in one form or another.

The lamp used is a 220vac, 7w, low energy type which can burn for many hours without using vast amounts of energy or generating excess spill heat. There is a hole in the bottom plate which fits light sources of 80mm diameter and less. To replace the light source simply lift the lamp off the light source and set it aside. The light source is supplied for all 220vac lamps. A 10% rebate is allowed for 110vac light sources, this because the light source is not supplied with the lamp

If you want one, then email me to discuss it.


The price is set at 5,000 Dkk + shipping. More detailed photos are available




Enghavevej 9A: 7800 Skive: Denmark